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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you keep the sign? 
A: No, you are paying to design a customized sign, rent it from us and for the services of us setting it up/taking it down.

Q: How much do we charge? 
A: Ours prices start at just $70!!

Q: Is there a limit of graphics I can choose for set up?
A: No! As long as we have the graphics available, you can choose as many as you would like!

Q: Do I need to be there for the set up?
A: You do not need to be there for the set up or take down!! You simply place the order with us, we email you an invoice, and we handle the rest!! You can make someone's day from the convenience of your phone!!


Q: How long do you have it up for?
A: A typical greeting we leave up for 24-ish hours. If you want it for a longer, you can ask for a quote.


Q: Do you take last minute orders?
A: Yes, of course!!! We may not have the exact colors or graphics you want but we can always work something out!! Anything less than 48 hours will have a rush fee added!


If you have additional questions we have listed more information about our services under our Policies tab!
Or CALL at 352-448-0003 or EMAIL US at and we will be happy to answer ALL your questions!

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